Sentence Examples with the word prometheus

Passing near Mount Caucasus, they heard the groans of Prometheus and the flapping of the wings of the eagle which gnawed his liver.

Among both Karok and Navaho the coyote is the Prometheus Purphoros, or, as the Aryans of India call him, Matarisvan the fire-stealer.

You forget that death comes to the rich and the poor alike, and comes once for all; but remember, Acheron could not be bribed by gold to ferry the crafty Prometheus back to the sunlit world.

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After Prometheus had stolen fire from heaven and bestowed it upon mortals Zeus determined to counteract this blessing.

But the importance of Prometheus is mainly mythological; the Titan belonged to a fallen dynasty, and in actual cult was largely superseded by Hephaestus.

Maui slew monsters, invented barbs for fish-hooks, frequently adopted the form of various birds, acted as Prometheus Purphoros the fire-stealer, drew a whole island up from the bottom of the deep; he was a great sorcerer and magician.

Quawteaht is the Aht Prometheus Purphoros, or fire-stealer.

The story ran that both Zeus and Poseidon had sought her hand, but, Themis (or Prometheus or Proteus) having warned the former that a son of Thetis by Zeus would prove mightier than his father, the gods decided to marry her to Peleus.

The relation between Hephaestus and Prometheus is in some respects close, though the distinction between these gods is clearly marked.

Against these very natural etymologies the philologists support a theory that Prometheus is really a Greek form of pramantha (Skt.), the fire-stick of the Hindus.