Sentence Examples with the word prolific

He was a marvellously prolific writer.

Of a genuine poetic temperament, fervid and mobile in feeling, and of a prolific fancy, he had also the sense and wit that come of varied contact with men.

The most prolific viticultural district of France is that known as the Midi, comprising the four departments of the Herault, Aude, Gard, and the PyreneesOrientales.

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Remarkable progress has also been made in the art of queen-rearing, and in improving the common or native bee by judicious crossing with the best foreign races, selected mainly for hardiness, working qualities and the prolific capacity of their queens.

The Belgian hare is a large breed of a hardy and prolific character, which closely resembles the hare in colour, and is not unlike it in form.

Another prolific source of apocryphal gospels, acts and apocalypses was Gnosticism.

They are exceedingly prolific in fossils which prove them to be of Upper Cretaceous age.

Theodosius Harnack was a staunch Lutheran and a prolific writer on theological subjects; his chief field of work was practical theology, and his important book on that subject, summing up his long experience and teaching, appeared at Erlangen (1877-1878, 2 vols.).

They are a thrifty and industrious people, prolific and devoted to their offspring, good-humoured, quick-tempered and impressionable.

A means of indescribable torture to a decent man and a prolific source of vice and crime to a criminal.