Sentence Examples with the word profusely

Among other trees and shrubs may be mentioned the sumach, the date-palm, the plantain, various bamboos, cycads and the dwarf-palm, the last of which grows in some parts of Sicily more profusely than anywhere else, and in the desolate region in the south-west yields almost the only vegetable product of importance.

The lateral entrances are sheltered by tympana and arches profusely decorated with statuettes.

Rowley's Ornithological Miscellany in three quarto volumes, profusely illustrated, appeared between 1875 and 1878.

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From that time forward the Arita factories turned out large quantities of porcelain profusely decorated with blue under the glaze and colored enamels over it.

But their wayward helper finally arrived, stomping off snow and apologizing profusely as the others began gathering their mountain of gear and leaving.

If I'd been discovered, I'd have apologized profusely for my absent minded error.

It grows profusely on dry rocks and walls, especially on the western coasts, and bears a spike of drooping greenish cup-shaped flowers.

Torreya, now confined to North America and Japan, still lingered,- as did Ocotea, now profusely developed in the tropics, but in north temperate regions only existing in the Canaries: the evergreen oaks, so characteristic of the Miocene, were reduced to the existing Quercus hex.

The books were profusely illustrated with wood-cuts and chromoxylographs from pictures of the ukiyoe masters, who, like the playwright, the actor and the romancer, ministered to the pleasure of the man in the street.

She apologized profusely for her behavior.