Sentence Examples with the word proficient

Neither of us was proficient at using a saw and we'd managed only two rungs when exhaustion caught up with us and the light faded for permanently.

Jefferson was an expert violinist, a good singer and dancer, proficient in outdoor sports, and an excellent horseman.

Having made himself proficient in practical bee-work and chosen a suitable location for his apiary, the bee-keeper should carefully select the particular type of hive most suited to his means and requirements.

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Sundevall - equally proficient in classical as in ornithological knowledge - was, in 1863, compelled to leave more than a score of the birds of which Aristotle wrote unidentified.

The renewal of interest in classical literature was shown in the prohibition of the study of sophistry by any scholar under the age of eighteen, unless he had been pronounced proficient in grammaticals.

Miss Nightingale neglected nothing that could make her proficient in her self-chosen task.

In many places gymnastic contests form a feature of his festivals, and he himself is proficient in athletic exercises (E'aywvtos).

He became a proficient copper engraver, and engraved several anti-British caricatures in the years before the War of Independence.

Dr. Bell is proficient in many fields of science, and has the art of making every subject he touches interesting, even the most abstruse theories.

At school and at Harvard University he in nowise distinguished himself, though he was an intelligently receptive student; he became, however, proficient enough in Greek, Latin, and the more general acquirements to enable him to act for a time as a master.