Sentence Examples with the word productivity

Not only so, but a similar variation was traced in the productivity of the great Lofoten (Lofoden) cod-fisheries.

From 1848 date the first poetical efforts of Arnaldo Marquez, who is distinguished for his correct diction and rich imagination, as is Nicolas Corpancho for his dramas and a volume of poems entitled Brisas, Adolfo Garcia for a beautiful sonnet to Bolivar, which was published at Havre in 1870, in his one volume of poems, and Clemente Althaus for his productivity and style.

We still have a thousandfold increase in productivity before us.

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Over the course of history, the division of labor has increased human productivity immensely.

Later still Hjort showed that the study of the variability in the productivity of a fishery is always a complex matter - far more so than was formerly supposed.

The usual figure of the Ephesian Artemis, which was said in the first instance to have fallen from heaven, is in the form of a female with many breasts, the symbol of productivity or a token of her function as the all-nourishing mother.

And if your productivity fell, then your salary would fall as well.

Others again cite the old-established power and productivity of Crete; the immense advantage it derived from insularity, natural fertility and geographical relation to the wider area of east Mediterranean civilizations; and the absence of evidence elsewhere for the gradual growth of a culture powerful enough to dominate the Aegean.

Now he can go forward using machines to increase his productivity and to magnify his humanity.

The ability of the hoe to magnify ability might double someone's productivity but doesn't increase it a millionfold.