Sentence Examples with the word proclaim

On the 12th of February 1689, the day of the coronation of William and Mary, Newton intimated to the vicechancellor that he would soon receive an order to proclaim them at Cambridge.

Arran must have perceived that Henry had infuriated the Scots and that the cardinal might adopt the claims of Lennox and proclaim Arran illegitimate.

This, however, was not immediately available, and on the 13th of December the Boers in public meeting at Paardekraal resolved once more to proclaim the South African Republic, and in the meantime to appoint a triumvirate, consisting of Kruger, Pretorius and Joubert, as a provisional government.

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I think you will be glad to hear that these poems have taught me to enjoy and love the beautiful springtime, even though I cannot see the fair, frail blossoms which proclaim its approach, or hear the joyous warbling of the home-coming birds.

Island; Y 97 from the Piraeus with an armed force, intending to proclaim the annexation of Crete to Greece, and Greek troops were massed on the Thessalian frontier.

The disciples as they journey are to take no provisions, but to throw themselves Sayings of on the bounty of their hearers; they are to heal the sick and to proclaim the nearness of the kingdom of God.

In 1791, he drew up a petition to invite the Constituent Assembly to proclaim a republic, - the first in date of such petitions.

Rissa watched Sirian read it, nod in satisfaction, and proclaim it was as he had said.

Cavour now decided that Sardinia must take part in the liberation of southern Italy, for he feared that Garibaldi's followers might induce him to proclaim the republic and attack Rome, which would have: provoked French hostility; consequently a Piedmontese army occupied the Marche and Umbria, and entered Neapolitan.

His first suggestion that a council nominated by the estates should be set up with the power of vetoing the acts of the king was abandoned because of the strenuous opposition of Maximilian; but Bertold was successful in getting the diet to proclaim an eternal Landfriede, that is, to forbid private war without any limitation of time, and it was agreed that the diet should meet annually to advise the king on matters of moment.