Sentence Examples with the word procès

Guiffrey, Lettres inedites de Diane de Poytiers (Paris, 1866) and Proces criminel de Jehan de Poytiers (Paris, 1867); Capefigue, Diane de Poitiers (Paris, 1860); Hay, Madame Dianne de Poytiers (London, 1goo).

Quicherat's great work, Le Proces de Jeanne d'Arc (1841-1849), a collection of the texts so full and so vivid that they reveal the character and life of the heroine with great distinctness.

Pierret, Pichegru, son proces et sa mort (1826).

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There is a full description of French fairies of the 15th century in the evidence of Jeanne d'Arc at her trial (1431) in Quicherat's Proces de Jeanne d'Arc, vol.

Once more inspired by the example of Michelet, who had just written an admirable work on Joan of Arc, he published the text of the two trials of Joan, adding much contemporary evidence on her heroism in his Proces de condemnation et de rehabilitation de Jeanne d'Arc (5 vols.

Necker, par lui-meme (1791); Du pouvoir executif dans les grands etats (2 vols., 1792); Refiexions sur le proces de Louis XVI.

Boudinhon, Les Proces de beatification et de canonisation (Paris, 1905); E.

This article relates to the Western Cathars, as they appear (1) in the Cathar Ritual written in Provencal and preserved in a 13th -century MS. in Lyons, published by Cledat, Paris, 1888; (2) in Bernard Gui's Practica inquisitionis haereticae pravitatis, edited by Canon C. Douais, Paris, 1886; and (3) in the proces verbal of the inquisitors' reports.

Among his other works may be mentioned: Mecanique de l'echange (1861); Illusion des societes cooperatives (1886); Le Bimetallisme en Angleterre (1879); Le Grand Proces de l'Union latine (1884).

I.; Ancel, Disgrace et proces des Caraffa (1909); Riess, Politik Pauls IV.