Sentence Examples with the word probably

The effect of the abnormal conditions is probably to stop the production of, or weaken or destroy the protective enzymes or antitoxins, the presence of which normally confers immunity on the leaf.

His materials are borrowed from the cyclic poems from which Virgil (with whose works he was probably acquainted) also drew, in particular the Aethiopis of Arctinus and the Little Iliad of Lesches.

Sweetheart, if I didn't feel sorry about that at some point during our marriage, I'd probably be the first man.

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The great white or cream coloured cattle of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland, which have very long black-tipped horns, are also probably not far removed from the aurochs stock.

The posterior carapace of the Trilobites and of Limulus is probably enough in origin a telsonic carapace - that is to say, is the tergum of the last segment of the body which carries the anus.

In particular he exerted himself to stamp out the use of the Diatessaron in favour of the four Gospels, the Syriac version of which probably now took the form known as the Peshitta.

Judging from its rather fanciful functions and from its name, it is probably a relic of the pre-historic jurisdiction of the patriarch-king.

These fjords are very deep; the greatest depth found by Ryder in Scoresby Sound was 300 fathoms, but there are certainly still greater depths; like the Norwegian fjords they have, however, probably all of them, a threshold or sill, with shallow water, near their mouths.

These references indicate that the hymn was used in private devotions; as it does not appear in any of the earliest liturgies, whether Eastern or Western, its introduction into the public services of the church was probably of a later date than has often been supposed.

This code was compiled by King Gundobald (474-516), very probably after his defeat by Clovis in 500.