Sentence Examples with the word probable cause

Given her blatant ignorance of his rules, he had every probable cause to do so.

A judge agreed with a defense attorney that the police had no probable cause for a search based solely on an unsubstantiated tip.

The previous chapter gave account of an immense body or herd of Sperm Whales, and there was also then given the probable cause inducing those vast aggregations.

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Matters of warrants and probable cause escaped his wife's rationale, replaced by her conscience, which stood firmly in charge.

Possibly David had, as one motive for his scheme, the very dubious legitimacy of the children of the Steward, a probable cause of civil war and a disputed succession.

We knew some of our tips never came to fruition simply because authorities lacked the probable cause to arrest the perpetrator.

A more probable cause is found in the fineness of the prairie soil, which is inimical to the growth of young trees in competition with the grasses and annual plants.