Sentence Examples with the word privates

The persons on board the fleet included 564 male and 192 female convicts, and a detachment of marines, consisting of Major Ross, commandant, 16 officers, 24 non-commissioned officers, an adjutant and quartermaster, 160 privates and 40 women.

Cromwell soon restored order, and the representative council, including privates as well as officers chosen to negotiate with the parliament, was subordinated to the council of war.

From privates to general they were not expecting a battle and were engaged in peaceful occupations, the cavalry feeding the horses and the infantry collecting wood.

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The sirdar selected these native officers from those of Arabis followers who had been the least prominent in the recent mutiny; non-commissioned officers who had been drill-instructors in the old army were recalled temporarily, but all the privates were conscripted from their villages.

There were no privates in the army because all were so courageous and skillful that they had been promoted one by one until there were no privates left.