Sentence Examples with the word privately

Many of the residences and business places of Bowling Green are heated by a privately owned central hot-water heating plant.

Fula) Languages was privately printed in 1861, and his translation of the Psalms into Hausa was published by the Bible Society in 1881.

There are about 150 privately owned artesian wells.

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They could discuss it privately when they got home.

The matter temporarily dropped, but certain Liberal members of parliament continued to press for the withdrawal of Great Britain from the convention, it being stated that a promise had been privately given by Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman that the government would withdraw as soon as practicable.

The chancellor, at home, took his son's part, while Salvius was warmly supported by Christina, who privately assured him of her exclusive favour and encouraged him to hold his own.

Norton in 1877, and his Letters were edited and privately printed at Cambridge, Mass., in 1878 by James Bradley Thayer.

See Memorial of Benjamin Helm Bristow, largely prepared by David Willcox (Cambridge, Mass., privately printed, 1897); Whiskey Frauds, 44th Cong., 1st Sess., Mis.

In 1769 he acted as moderator of the privately convened assembly which entered into the nonimportation agreement, and in May 1773 he became chairman of the first Virginia intercolonial committee of correspondence.

Konigsberger and P. du Bois-Reymond, and from1871-1874read privately with Karl Weierstrass at Berlin, as the public lectures were not then open to women.