Sentence Examples with the word privat

He subsequently held several appointments at Gottingen, being privat docent (1860), and extraordinary professor (1870).

Ultimately about midnight the welcome tidings of the capture of St Privat arrived, and all anxiety was at an end.

The 4th brigade of the Guards now received their orders to attack Jerusalem (a hamlet a little south of St Privat), and the 1st division was ordered to assault St Privat itself.

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Prince Frederick Charles now rode forward to a point northeast of Verneville, whence the southern boundary of St Privat could be seen.

No attempt was made to entrench the position systematically, but on the left the 2nd and 3rd Corps made some disconnected shelter trenches and gun-pits, while the 4th Corps in the centre began to improve available cover about an hour before the battle began, and the 6th corps on the right, not yet having received any entrenching tools, could do no more than improvise a few loopholes in the walls of the villages of St Privat and Roncourt with such tools as the sappers could obtain from the inhabitants.

Corps approaching, whilst the rain of shells into St Privat exceeded anything hitherto seen on any battlefield, decided to call on the whole of his force to attack.

Thus, about noon on the r 6th he reached the high ground between St Privat and Amanvillers, and still without instructions he determined to direct his corps on Bruville and Doncourt, whence he could judge from the drift of the smokeclouds whether he could fall on the Prussian left.

But emerging from the hollow running north from St Marie, they came under a heavy fire not only from St Privat but also from Roncourt, which latter village they now saw for the first time.

He was educated at Upsala University, where in 1839 he became privat docent in physics.