Sentence Examples with the word printing

The first considerable improvement in type printing telegraphs was made by D.

Other denominational agencies have been concerned with the printing and circulation of Swedenborgian literature, a training college for the ministry (founded in 1852), and a Ministers' Aid Fund (18J4), and an Orphanage (1881).

The chief industry is stationery, particularly the printing of business cards.

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It may even be necessary for fine printing to repeat this a third time, especially if the forme includes blocks of any kind.

If the aim was the dissemination of ideas, the printing press could have accomplished that much better than warfare.

In 1907 the school had 813 students, of whom 313 were girls; it has an academic department, a business school and courses in domestic science, in farming, dairying and gardening, and in masonry, carpentry, painting, blacksmithing, waggonmaking, shoemaking, steam-fitting, printing and other trades.

In Lemberg is the National Institute founded by Count Ossolinski, which contains a library of books and manuscripts relating chiefly to the history and literature of Poland, valuable antiquarian and scientific collections, and a printing establishment; also the Dzieduszycki museum with collections of natural history and ethnography relating chiefly to Galicia.

In copying engraved plates for printing purposes, copper may be deposited upon the original plate, the surface of which is first rendered slightly dirty, by means of a weak solution of wax in turpentine or otherwise, to prevent adhesion.

In copperplate printing the whole of the plate is first inked, the flat surface is then cleaned, leaving ink in the incisions or trenches cut by the engraver, so that, when dampened paper is laid over the plate and pressure is brought to bear, the paper sinks into the incisions and takes up the ink, which makes an impression in line or lines on the paper.

The current then passes through the coils of an electromagnet, which releases the printing mechanism.