Sentence Examples with the word principe

A new source of wealth was now opened up; some adventurers from Villa do Principe in Minas, going north to the Seria Frio, made the discovery of diamonds about the year 1710, but it was not till 1730 that the discovery was for the first time announced to the government, which immediately declared them regalia.

In 1514 Diego Velasquez founded, on Nuevitas Bay (then known as the Puerto del Principe), a settlement that was moved in 1515 or 1516 to the site of the present city of Puerto Principe (or Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe).

Cesare Borgia had entered into the Principe as a representative figure rather than an actual personage; so now conversely the theories of the Principe assumed the outward form and semblance of Castruccio.

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The phrase Il Principe della Musica, which has become finally associated with the name of Palestrina, originates with this biography.

The Principe is an offshoot from the main theme of the Discorsi, setting forth Machiavelli's views at large and in detail upon the nature of principalities, the method of cementing them, and the qualities of a successful autocrat.

Of the harbour entrance; the Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro and San Carlos de la Cabana, to the E.; the Santo Domingo de Atares, at the head of the western arm of the bay, commanding the city and its vicinity; and the Castillo del Principe (1767-1780), situated inland on an eminence to the W.

It appears to have grown out of another scarcely less celebrated work, upon which Machiavelli had been engaged before he took the Principe in hand, and which he did not finish until some time afterwards.

After the capital, Puerto Principe was the richest prize of the island when it was captured and plundered in 1668 by a force of Frenchmen and Englishmen under Henry Morgan, the buccaneer.

De Molinari, Malthus, essai sur le Principe de population (Paris, 1889); Cossa, Il Principio di popolazione di T.

Puerto Principe boasts of being the most Creole of Cuban cities.