Sentence Examples with the word principality

OELS, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Silesia, formerly the capital of a mediatized principality of its own name.

In 1142 he returned again, anxious to create a principality in Cilicia and Antioch for his younger son Manuel.

EUTIN, a town of Germany, capital of the principality of Lubeck, which is an enclave in the Prussian province of SchleswigHolstein and belongs to the grand-duchy of Oldenburg, picturesquely situated on the Lake Eutin, 20 m.

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The treaty of Berlin followed, which limited the principality to the country between the Danube and the Balkans, created the autonomous province of Eastern Rumelia south of the Balkans, and left the remainder of the proposed Bulgarian state under Turkish rule.

He may have negotiated with Alexius about a principality at Antioch; if he did so, he had little encouragement.

Grand vizier in Walachia in 1595, when the Magyar army penetrated as far as Giurgevo), but very bitter as between the emperor and Transylvania, the principality being finally subdued by the imperial general, George Basta, in August 1604.

To secure his position he at once entered into relation with the Normans, now firmly established in southern Italy, and later in the year the new alliance was cemented at Melfi, where Nicholas II., accompanied by Hildebrand, Cardinal Humbert and the abbot Desiderius of Monte Cassino, solemnly invested Robert Guiscard with the duchies of Apulia, Calabria and Sicily, and Richard of Aversa with the principality of Capua, in return for 'oaths of fealty and the promise of assistance in guarding the rights of the Church.

Mlle de Montpensier, the heiress of Mlle de Guise, bequeathed the principality of Joinville to Philip, duke of Orleans (1693).

On the death of Henry, prince of Wales, whose heir was his brother Charles, duke of York - the dukedom of Cornwall would pass to him as the first-begotten son of the king of England then alive, the principality of Wales alone becoming merged in the Crown.

The principality of Satara was held to have lapsed in 1848 by the death of the raja without lineal heirs, and was annexed by the British government.