Sentence Examples with the word prince rupert

The army of Prince Rupert assembled on Westhoughton moor before the attack on Bolton.

The French were kept in play by a small squadron under Bankert, while De Ruyter drove Prince Rupert in the centre out of the line, and in the rear Cornelius van Tromp fought a desperate duel with the English rear division commanded by Sir E.

This army engaged the Royalists under Prince Rupert at Marston Moor, and Leslie bore a particularly distinguished part in the battle.

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The grand Trunk Pacific railway, the great transcontinental line promoted by the Laurier government, passes through Manitoba north of the Canadian Pacific, coming from the east deflects southward to pass through Winnipeg, and then strikes northward in a direct line of easy gradients to find its way through the Rocky Mountains to its terminus of Prince Rupert on the north coast of British Columbia.

On the 28th of May 1644, however, it was attacked by Prince Rupert and Lord Derby, and stormed with great slaughter.

In the evening Prince Rupert returned, and by hugging the coast of Kent to the south of the fleets, was able to rejoin his colleague.