Sentence Examples with the word prince consort

Martin, Life of the Prince Consort (London, 1875-1880); J.

In 1855 the emperor and empress of the French visited the queen at Windsor Castle, and the same year her majesty and the prince consort paid a visit to Paris.

A bronze statue of the Prince Consort by Joseph Durham adorns the front terrace.

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He was also employed by the prince consort to prepare a design for the Kensington Museum; and he made the drawings for the Wellington funeral car.

It is situated on the Mound close to the National Gallery, of which the prince consort laid the foundation stone in 1850.

Was received there in 1822, and Queen Victoria and the prince consort occupied the palace for brief periods on several occasions, and in 1903 Edward VII., during residence at Dalkeith Palace, held his court within its walls.

In 1867 her majesty had started in authorship by publishing The Early Days of the Prince Consort, compiled by General Grey; in 1869 she gave to the world her interesting and simply written diary entitled Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands, and in 1874 appeared the first volume of The Life and Letters of the Prince Consort (2nd vol.

At Balmoral and Windsor the court lived in virtual privacy, and the queen and the prince consort saw much of their children.

This was a lame way out of the difficulty, for the queen could only confer precedence within her own realms, whereas an act of parliament bestowing the title of prince consort would have made the prince's right to rank above all royal imperial highnesses quite clear, and would have left no room for such disputes as afterwards occurred when foreign princes chose to treat Prince Albert as having mere courtesy rank in his wife's kingdom.

He was made Hulsean professor in 1861, and shortly afterwards chaplain to the Prince Consort and honorary chaplain in ordinary to the queen.