Sentence Examples with the word primus

The president or moderator of each church court was Primus inter pares.

Del Cano was received with great distinction by the emperor, who granted him a globe for his crest, and the motto Primus circumdedisti me.

Hos numeros Primus invenit clarissimus vir Iohannes Neperus Baro Merchistonij; eos autem ex eiusdem sententia mutavit, eorumque ortum et usum illustravit Henricus Briggius..

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He takes precedence, Primus inter pares, of all the members, and is recognized as the official head of the Church during his term of office.

Bills were introduced to reduce the position of a bishop to well-nigh that of Primus inter pares; to place the power of veto in the congregation; to abolish -the canon law and to establish a presbytery it every parish.

In 1808 he was consecrated assistant and successor to the bishop of Brechin, in 1810 was preferred to the sole charge, and in 1816 was elected primus of the Episcopal Church of Scotland, in which capacity he greatly aided in the introduction of many useful reforms, in fostering a more catholic and tolerant spirit, and in cementing a firm alliance with the sister church of England.

This system admits that the pope represents the unity of the Church, and acknowledges his primacy, but only in the sense that he is primus inter pares; while at the same time it claims on behalf of the bishops that, in virtue of the divine ordinance, they possess an inalienable right to a share in the government of the Church (see Episcopacy).

For a few days Primus was virtually ruler of Rome, and the senate bestowed upon him the rank and insignia of a consul.

One of the earliest attempts at a methodical arrangement of plants was made in Florence by Andreas Caesalpinus (1519-1603), who is called by Linnaeus Primus verus systematicus.

The moderator has no special power or supremacy over his brethren, but is honoured and obeyed as Primus inter pares.