Sentence Examples with the word pretty much

The trio had pretty much dismissed Pumpkin Green's involvement in spite of his connection with the play.

They're pretty much acclimated now.

First, the technology can be abused and used irresponsibly, like pretty much every other technology in the world.

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Speaking generally, the exclusion of days of rain and of negative potential comes pretty much to the same thing, and the presence or absence of negative potential is riot infrequently the criterion by reference to which days are rejected or are accepted as normal.

A pretty much definitive portrait of a late and greatly lamented genius, this set complements perfectly the new live performance CD.

Here lay the principality of Lithuania and beyond it the kingdom of Poland, two loosely conglomerated states which had been created by the Piast and Gedymin dynasties in pretty much the same way as the tsardom of Muscovy had been created by the descendants of Rurik.

I have eaten food pretty much my whole life.

One bad plague or invading horde would leave pretty much everyone starving.

We stick a bunch of seeds in the ground and then treat a thousand acres of corn pretty much as a single unit.

It's just the primary but that's the whole ball of wax 'cause this is pretty much a one party county.