Sentence Examples with the word prettily

It is prettily situated at the base of one of the Tifata hills, the towers of its medieval castle and the church of San Michele crowning the heights above.

But all he said was so prettily sedate, and the naivete of his youthful egotism was so obvious, that he disarmed his hearers.

P. officinalis, i ft., has prettily mottled leaves and blue flowers; P. sibirica is similar in character, but has broader leaves more distinctly mottled with white.

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The fruit is about the size of a small hen's egg, and within its fibrous rind is the seed or so-called nut, the albumen of which is very hard and has a prettily mottled grey and brown appearance.

In response to questions she points out prettily her nose, mouth, eye, chin, cheek, ear.

Schizanthus pinnatus: hardy, I to 2 ft., purple-lilac, prettily blotched; curiously lobed flowers.

Lucida, which is also white-flowered, bears its bright green leaves in rosettes, and has a variety with prettily gold-margined leaves.

The young are prettily spotted with white and black ocelli, but the coloration of the adult is mostly very plain.

Is of the nature of a leopard and prettily marked with stripes and oblong spots.

It is encircled by a wall measuring upwards of a mile in circumference, and is prettily planted with trees, on one of which the last emperor of the Ming dynasty (1644), finding escape from the Manchu invaders impossible, hanged himself.