Sentence Examples with the word pretoria

Oranges are cultivated chiefly in the Rustenburg, Waterberg, Zoutpansberg and Pretoria districts, grapes in Potchefstroom, Pretoria and Marico, as well as in the Zoutpansberg and Waterberg, to which northern regions the cultivation of the banana is confined.

When the bitter truth was at length realized, the British flag was dragged through the dust of Pretoria streets by outraged Englishmen.

The chief diamond fields are in the Pretoria district.

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Jameson and his men were conveyed to Pretoria as prisoners, and subsequently handed over to the high commissioner (Sir Hercules Robinson, who had succeeded Sir Henry Loch in June 1895).

The arsenal at Pretoria was to be seized; the Uitlanders in Johannesburg were to rise and hold the town.

In 1890 the construction of the Transvaal section of the railway to connect Pretoria with Delagoa Bay was begun, the line from Lourenco Marques having been completed to Komati Poort in December 1887.

In the negotiations for peace he was associated with Lord Kitchener, and the terms of surrender, signed at Pretoria on the 31st of May 1902, were drafted by him.

General Botha was defeated at Pretoria East by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, and at Georgetown - a Rand constituency - Mr Hull was beaten by Sir George Farrar.

The preamble to the Pretoria Convention of 1881 contained in brief but explicit terms the grant of Conve self-government to the Boers, subject to British suzerainty.

This agreement, arrived at without any reference to the British government, was a breach of the Pretoria convention, and led to an intimation on the part of Great Britain that she could not recognize the new republics.