Sentence Examples with the word pressed

Bertotti was confident that he had the measure of his adversary in the Pasubio sector; the others felt themselves still hard pressed by the Archduke Charles and von Koevess's right wing.

As a manufacturing centre Clinton has considerable importance; among its manufactures are furniture, blinds, wire-cloth, papier-mache goods, gas-engines, farm wagons, harness and saddlery, door locks, pressed brick, flour, and glucose products.

These are pressed upon and become atrophied, and may ultimately be replaced by adipose tissue.

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About the same time, the force in front of De la Rey and Kemp in the west being depleted to find the troops for larger operations, the Boers made a fierce surprise attack on Colonel Kekewich's column at Moedville, in which Kekewich was wounded and his troops hard pressed for a time.

His story being ended with his pipe's last dying puff, Queequeg embraced me, pressed his forehead against mine, and blowing out the light, we rolled over from each other, this way and that, and very soon were sleeping.

In order that the surfaces which abut at the Joint JK maybe pressed together, the resistance required by the conditions of equilibrium CR, must be a thrust and not a pull; and in that case the force by which the surfaces are pressed together is equal and opposite to the normal component CP of the resistance.

It is true that Moab was continuously hard pressed by desert hordes; the exposed condition of the land is emphasized by the chains of ruined forts and castles which even the Romans were compelled to construct.

When a female voice answered, he pressed the speaker button and the phone call became theirs.

His eyes scoured her face, lingered on the plump lips he had tasted, and glanced lower at the healthy bosom pressed to his chest.

Newly pressed rape oil has a dark sherry colour with, at first, scarcely any perceptible smell; but after resting a short time the oil deposits an abundant mucilaginous slime, and by taking up oxygen it acquires a peculiar disagreeable odour and an acrid taste.