Sentence Examples with the word president mckinley

On Monument Hill, in West Lawn Cemetery, in a park of 26 acres - a site which President McKinley had suggested for a monument to the soldiers and sailors of Stark county - there is a beautiful monument to the memory of McKinley, who lived in Canton.

In1883-1889he was a member of the National House of Representatives, and from March 1897 to May 1902 was secretary of the navy, in the cabinet, first of President McKinley and then of President Roosevelt.

Forest Park (464 acres), in the southern part of the city, is the largest and most attractive; it contains a good zoological collection, and in its ponds is one of the finest collections in America of lotus plants and Oriental aquatic flora; at its southern entrance is a monument to President McKinley by Philip Martiny.

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Paine being the other members) appointed by President McKinley to confer with the governments of Great Britain, France and Germany with a view to the establishment of international bimetallism.

Schurman of Cornell University, was sent by The Taft President McKinley report on the state of affairs.

In 1900, although he wished to serve another term as governor in order to complete and establish certain policies within the state, he was nominated for the vice-presidency of the United States on the ticket with President McKinley by the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in spite of his protest.

Sovereignty over the Filipinos having been accepted by virtue of the ratification of the Paris treaty, President McKinley was not at liberty to do otherwise than assert the authority of the United States and use every endeavour to suppress the insurrection.

In 1900 he was asked by President McKinley to accept the presidency of the Philippine Commission charged with the administration of the islands.

The cornerstone was laid by President Harrison in 1892, and the tomb was dedicated on the 27th of April 1897 with a splendid parade and addresses by President McKinley and General Horace Porter, president of the Grant Monument Association, which from 90,000 contributions raised the funds for the tomb.

It was during a reception in the Temple of Music on the Exposition grounds that President McKinley was assassinated (September 6th); he died at the home of John G.