Sentence Examples with the word presidency

Several fruitless conferences between the governor and the Indian chiefs, who were believed to be encouraged by the British, resulted in Harrison's advance with a force of militia and regulars to the Tippecanoe river, where (near the present Lafayette, Ind.) on the 7th of November 1811 he won over the Indians a victory which established his military reputation and was largely responsible for his subsequent nomination and election to the presidency of the United States.

Under the guidance of General Caceres a junta was then formed to carry on the government until an election for the presidency should be held and the senate and cham- Ch o eres in ber of deputies constituted.

In a frank, cordial letter which was delivered to Cobden on his landing in Liverpool, Lord Palmerston offered him the presidency of the Board of Trade, with a seat in the Cabinet.

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Tilden during the contest for the presidency between Tilden and Hayes (see Electoral CoMMissioN).

A coalition ministry, representing all the monarchist parties, was formed under the presidency of Admiral Ferreira do Amaral.

The colonizing scheme was dropped, and the first presidency of Munster left the Desmonds and their allies in possession.

The secretary, however, was not averse to increasing his popularity and his chances for the presidency by obtaining Cuba in an honourable manner, and it was at his suggestion that James Buchanan, J.

Blaine for the presidency and for the election of Grover Cleveland.

The conseil prive is a deliberative body under the presidency of the lieutenant-governor, composed of colonial officials together with two native members.

The victorious Greeks subsequently punished Thebes by depriving it of the presidency of the Boeotian League, and an attempt by the Spartans to expel it from the Delphic amphictyony was only frustrated by the intercession of Athens.