Sentence Examples with the word prescott

From the position of an obscure reviewer Prescott suddenly found himself elevated to the first rank of contemporary historians.

The largest towns in 1900 were Tucson, Phoenix, which is the capital, Prescott (pop. 3559), Jerome (pop. 1890, 250; in 1900, 2861); Winslow (pop. 1890, 363; in 1900, 1305), Nogales (pop. 1900, 1761), and Bisbee.

As an historian Prescott stands in the direct line of literary descent from Robertson, whose influence is clearly discernible both in his method and style.

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JAMES PRESCOTT JOULE (1818-1889), English physicist, was born on the 24th of December 1818, at Salford, near Manchester.

But, while Robertson was in some measure the initiator of a movement, Prescott came to his task when the range of information was incomparably wider and when progress in sociologic theory had thrown innumerable convergent lights upon the progress of events.

His grandfather was Colonel William Prescott (1726-1795), who commanded at the battle of Bunker Hill; and his father was a well-known lawyer.

To these is added a very important crop of melons, a special large-fruited variety known as the Prescott Canteloup being the most favoured.

WILLIAM HICKLING PRESCOTT (1796-1859), American historian, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, on the 4th of May 1796.

The style is that of the classic school, that of Prescott and Motley, full of colour, characterization and spirit.