Sentence Examples with the word preposterous

And if any man was to be put in the preposterous position of a secular Bible, no writer was fitter for it than Aristotle.

There were not wanting those who insinuated that Galileo intended to depict the pope himself in the guise of the simpleton of the party; and the charge, though preposterous in itself, was supported by certain imprudences of expression, which Urban was not permitted to ignore.

He was well aware that an aristocratic and Catholic assembly like the sejm would never concede so preposterous a demand.

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It was of course impossible that the nation or the baronage 5hould accept such a preposterous rgime, and Edward was soon involved in.

Goremykin, who had succeeded Witte at the head of the government, met these preposterous demands with a flat refusal, the House voted, on the motion of M.

He kept remembering Cynthia's earlier revelation that, in certain circumstances, killing someone wasn't a totally preposterous idea.

He remonstrated, however, with the Nationalists for their threats in the session of 1918 and indignantly rejected as preposterous their claim to selfdetermination as a condition precedent to the entry of Britain into the Peace Conference.

The Yorkist cause was crushed for four years, till it was raised again by Margaret of Burgundy, with an imposture even more preposterous than that of Lambert Simnel.

This preposterous proposal was of course not even discussed, and the movement caused a strong feeling of reaction against Socialism and of hostility to the government for its weakness; for, however much sympathy there might be with the genuine grievances of the working classes, the September strikes were of a frankly revolutionary character and had been fomented by professional agitators and kept going by the dregs of the people.

The population, ground down by preposterous taxes, ill-used as only the subjects of Spaniards, Turks or Bourbons are handled, rose in blind exasperation against their oppressors.