Sentence Examples with the word premises

The vowels in the words, A, E, I, 0, show the quantity and quality of the premises Barbara Celarent Darii Ferioque prioris; Cesare Camestres Festino Baroco secundi; Tertia Darapti Disamis Datisi Felapton Bocardo Ferison habet: quarta insuper addit Bramantip Camenes Dimaris Fesapo Fresison.

It is one of the inscrutable perplexities of human affairs, that in the logic of practical life, in order to reach conclusions that cover enough for truth, we are constantly driven to premises that cover too much, and that in order to secure their right weight to justice and reason good men are forced to fling the two-edged sword of passion into the same scale.

Where there is an unqualified covenant to repair, and the premises during the tenancy are burnt down, or destroyed by some other inevitable calamity, the tenant is bound to rebuild and restore them at his own expense, even although the landlord has taken out a policy on his own account and been paid by the insurance company in respect of it.

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No Turkish policeman may enter the premises of a foreigner without the sanction of the consular authorities to whose jurisdiction the latter belongs.

The formal thinking of syllogism alone is merely necessary consequence; but when its premises are necessary principles, its conclusions are not only necessary consequents but also necessary truths.

Each of these drops is located by the time and place records in the book and the time records on the diagram as belonging to a particular service pipe; so that out of possibly 300 premises the bulk of the leakage has been localized in or just outside fifteen.

Hundreds of printed reports covered our premises like a winter blizzard making us look as busy as a toy store at Christmas.

The science of inference again rightly emphasizes the formal thinking of the syllogism in which the combination of premises involves the conclusion.

Of the resolution of the various forms of inference into their equivalents in that grouping of terms or premises which was most obviously cogent, was a legacy of the Topics.

I don't allow it; I won't have my premises spoiled.