Sentence Examples with the word prefectural

It is divided into ten prefectures, with as many prefectural cities, of which Chi-nan Fu, the provincial capital, is the chief.

Its principal city is Ngan-k i ing on the Yangtsze Kiang, besides which it numbers seven prefectural cities.

Kwei-yang Fu is the provincial capital, and besides this there are eleven prefectural cities in the province.

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The provincial capital is Chang-sha Fu, in addition to which it has eight prefectural cities.

Its affairs are administered by a governor-general, who is also commander-in-chief of the forces, by a bureau of civil government, and by three prefectural governors, below whom are the heads of twenty territorial divisions called cho; its finances are not included in the general budget of the Japanese empire; it is garrisoned by a mixed brigade taken from the home divisions; and its currency is on a silver basis.

Questions affecting the interests of the whole Fu come before the Fu-kwai, or prefectural assembly, made up of representatives from both Ku and Gun, and a prefectural council, of which 8222;the governor is president; while matters concerning the city alone are discussed by a Shi-kwai, or municipal assembly, and administered by a municipal council, of which the Shicho or mayor is president.

Si-gan Fu, or Sian Fu, is the provincial capital; there are six other prefectural cities.

Adopting the profession of an advocate, he came to Constantinople and practised in the prefectural courts there, reaching such eminence as to attract the notice of the emperor Justinian, who appointed him in 528 one of the ten commissioners directed to prepare the first Codex of imperial constitutions.

The provincial capital is Kwei-lin Fu, or City of the Forest of Cinnamon Trees, and there are besides ten prefectural cities.