Sentence Examples with the word prediction

On one point, however, this description was not accurate; Russia sulked so far as Austria was concerned, for she could not forget that the emperor Francis Joseph, by his wavering and unfriendly conduct towards her during the Crimean War, had ill repaid her assistance to the Habsburg Monarchy in 1849, and had fulfilled the cynical prediction of Prince Schwarzenberg that his country would astonish the world by her ingratitude.

The older history repeatedly indicates that David's kingship was predicted by a divine oracle, but would hardly lead us to place the prediction so early (I Sam.

Dionysius of Alexandria had already referred a Messianic prediction of the Old Testament to the emperor Gallienus.

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As to the astronomical knowledge of Thales we have the following notices: - (1) besides the prediction of the solar eclipse, Eudemus attributes to him the discovery that the circuit of the sun between the solstices is not always uniform; 6 (2) he called the last day of the month the thirtieth (Diog.

The same year witnessed the fulfilment of Savonarola's second prediction in the death of Innocent VIII.

The Transvaal Republic was established, but the prediction of the colonists, ignored at the time, was afterwards fulfilled to the letter.

But besides this, we find him in his character of astrologer drawing a singular prediction from the appearance of this comet.

The prediction was believed far and wide, and President Aurial, at Toulouse, built himself a Noah's ark - a curious realization, in fact, of Chaucer's merry invention in the Miller's Tale.

He thus fulfilled the prediction of a druidess of Gaul, that he would mount a throne as soon as he had slain a wild boar (aper).

They were now journeying towards Jerusalem, and the prediction of the Passion was repeated.