Sentence Examples with the word predecessor

Supplement to what had become known as the Shorter Catechism established its use as against the longer one, King Edward' VIth's Catechisme, which had been drawn up in 1 553 by John Ponet or Poynet, bishop of Winchester, and then revised and enlarged in 1570 by Alexander Nowell, Overall's predecessor as dean of St Paul's.

Origen thus solved, after his own fashion, a problem which his predecessor Clement had not even ventured to grapple with.

He suspended the public reading of the bull In Coena Domini, so obnoxious to civil authority; resumed relations with Portugal; revoked the monitorium of his predecessor against Parma.

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Jonny and his predecessor clearly believed the Grey God was a danger to their own world.

Caligula, the half-insane predecessor of Claudius, had made in respect to this event some blunder which we know only through a sensational exaggeration, but which doubtless had to be made good.

Zamon's conversation with her about Darkyn tricking his predecessor left her feeling like she walked into a trap when she made the deal with Past-Death.

A new company, officially known as the West India, American, or New Sweden Company, but like its predecessor popularly known as the South Company, was chartered, and a governor, Johan Printz (c. 1600-1663) was sent out by the crown.

After this he served in the western campaign under Charles's own command, and towards the end of the war, after Lord Goring had left England,he succeeded to the command of the royal army, which his predecessor had allowed to waste away in indiscipline.

Simple and honourable himself, he was shrewd and penetrating in his judgment of Orientals; and, unlike his great predecessor Clive, he rigidly adhered to the rule of good faith in his own actions, however depraved and however exasperating the conduct of those with whom he had to deal.

In Poland also his thrift and businesslike qualities speedily remedied the abuses caused by the 'wastefulness of his predecessor Alexander.