Sentence Examples with the word precipice

Here the Umgeni leaps in a single sheet of water down a precipice over 350 ft.

He thought she'd walk away, but instead, she cautiously lifted the rope, turned further away from the precipice and took baby steps backwards toward him.

In scaling the second precipice one of the men was seized with an epileptic fit on the ladder.

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They are represented as delighting in massacres and torture, and it is said that popular tradition in India still retains the story that Mihiragula used to amuse himself by rolling elephants down a precipice and watching their agonies.

To this, which seems authentic, is usually added the tradition (due to the abbe Boileau) that afterwards he used at times to see an imaginary precipice by his bedside, or at the foot of the chair on which he was sitting.

The caverns in the sides of the precipice are said to have afforded Wallace and other heroes (or outlaws) refuge in time of trouble, but the old house is most memorable as the home of the poet William Drummond, who here welcomed Ben Jonson; the tree beneath which the two poets sat still stands.

Four miles below Ross the important ford of Goodrich probably carried traffic in British and Roman times, and a magnificent castle, on a precipice rising sheer above the right bank of the river, commands it.