Sentence Examples with the word precarious

They now clamoured for recognition, and Lugard went to meet them, and after a somewhat precarious and very difficult interview he succeeded in bringing back their king Mbogo to Kampala, and in assigning them three minor provinces in Uganda.1 Lugard on his return to Uganda at the end of r891 had received orders to evacuate the country with his whole force, as the company could no longer maintain their position.

Though perhaps less desperate than during the previous decade, the condition of Italian finance was precarious indeed.

Despite D'Erlon's misadventure the emperor had the game still in his hands, for Ney's failure had actually placed the AngloDutch army in a precarious position.

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Gold digging had hitherto enjoyed in the Transvaal but a precarious existence.

The history of the century and a half that follows is very obscure; short-lived Saka dynasties succeeded one another until, about 388, the country was conquered by the Guptas of Magadha, who kept a precarious tenure of it till about 470, when their empire was destroyed by the White Huns, or Ephthalites, who, after breaking the power of Persia and assailing the Kushan kingdom of Kabul, poured into India, conquered Sind, and established their dominion as far south as the Nerbudda.

Again she had allowed herself to be put in a precarious situation.

The elements of this disparate pair, calculated by Dr Vogel on the somewhat precarious assumption that its dark and bright members are of equal mean density, are as follows: Diameter of Algol.

The definition of temperature given above, though difficult in the case of a flame and perhaps still admissible in the case of an electric arc, becomes precarious when applied to the disruptive phenomena of a spark discharge.

The state of the island was much like that of England in the days of the Heptarchy: occasionally a High King succeeded in forcing his rivals into a precarious submission; more usually there was not even a pretence of a central authority in the island, and the annals of objectless tribal wars formed its sole history.

But the inference which he draws from this silence of the historical books is manifestly a precarious one at best.