Sentence Examples with the word pre-eminently

The brilliancy and fair light scale of his tints is constantly remarkable, combined with a free use of gilding; this conduces materially to that celestial character which so pre-eminently distinguishes his pictured visions of the divine persons, the hierarchy of heaven and the glory of the redeemed.

Emerson, the poets Bryant, Longfellow, pre-eminently Whittier and Whitman, have spoken on this theme with no uncertain sound.

But, however short his orthodoxy might fall if tried by the standards of any particular church, his temperament was pre-eminently religious.

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He was pre-eminently the king of the Renaissance.

Burton was pre-eminently a jurist and economist, and may be said to have been guided by accident into the path which led him to celebrity.

They were pre-eminently dealers, who sold what others produced.

Investigation of the writings of Indian mathematicians has exhibited a fundamental distinction between the Greek and Indian mind, the former being pre-eminently geometrical and speculative, the latter arithmetical and mainly practical.

In his general conception of human affairs there is a tendency to regard too exclusively the material side of things, which made him pre-eminently the economist of the French liberal bourgeoisie.

The temper of William, in contradistinction to that of his brother, was pre-eminently practical; and he had the reputation of a brave, piously orthodox Prussian soldier.

It is pre-eminently a garden vegetable, the ear being used before the grain hardens, when it is well filled but soft and milky.