Sentence Examples with the word prank

The Ku Klux Klan, originating in 1865 as a youthful prank at Pulaski, Tennessee, spread over the state and the entire South, and in 1860 nine counties in the middle and western sections were placed under martial law.

Natasha again cried boldly, with saucy gaiety, confident that her prank would be taken in good part.

This most naughty prank of mine convinced my parents that I must be taught as soon as possible.

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Everybody expected some prank from her and did not wish to obey her; but she resolutely and passionately demanded obedience, grew angry and nearly cried because they did not heed her, and at last succeeded in making them believe her.

Most of the guests, knowing of the affair with the bear, looked with curiosity at this big, stout, quiet man, wondering how such a clumsy, modest fellow could have played such a prank on a policeman.