Sentence Examples with the word prairial

At the end of his term he became a judge of the peace, but after the parliamentary coup d'etat of the 3 oth of Prairial of the year VIII.

On the 1st Prairial he presided over the Convention, and remained unmoved by the insults and menaces of the insurgents.

On Prairial 7 (26th of April 1797) Babeuf and Darthe were condemned to death; some of the prisoners, including Buonarroti, were exiled; the rest, including Vadier and his fellow-conventionals, were acquitted.

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Which established liberty of worship. In the critical days of Germinal and of Prairial of the year III.

Bourbon then became a violent reactionary, attacking the former members of the Mountain and supporting rigorous measures against the rioters of the 12th Germinal and the 1st Prairial of the year III.

True, the Directory seemed on the point of collapse; it had been overcome by the popularly elected Chambers in the insignificant coup d'etat of 30 Prairial (18th of June) 1799; when Larevelliere-Lepeaux and Merlin were compelled to resign.