Sentence Examples with the word pound

The monetary unit is the Peruvian pound (libra) which is uniform in weight and fineness with the British pound sterling.

A shilling is token money merely, it is nominally in value the one-twentieth of a pound, but one troy pound of silver is coined into sixty-six shillings, the standard weight of each shilling being 87.27 grains.

She stared at herself in the mirror, wondering when she'd started looking like a pound dog.

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Her apartment was cold, and sunlight streamed through the blinds, making her head pound harder.

The magnitude of F when p and e are put each equal to unity, is usually called the tractive force of the locomotive per pound of mean effective pressure in the cylinders.

It was found in practice (in 1889) that the expenditure of energy per pound of reduced aluminium was about 23 H.P.-hours, a number considerably in excess of that required at the present time for the production of pure aluminium by the electrolytic process described in the article Aluminium.

Fishing operations are carried on extensively in Lake Erie, the fish being taken with gill nets, seins and pound nets.

The table indicates the chief cottonproducing islands, the acreage in each, yield, average value per pound and total value of the crop in 1905-1906.

Then came a few years of terrible poverty; but at the beginning of 1862 he obtained a clerkship, at the modest salary of a pound a week, in the house of Hachette the publisher.

Foreign gold coins, especially the pound sterling (par value 110 piastres) and the French 20-franc piece (par value 872 piastres) have free currency.