Sentence Examples with the word poultry

And his son Sigismund Augustus, Tarnowski took the royal side during the so-called Kokosza wojna, or Poultry War, of 1537 and also in 1548 when the turbulent szlachta tried to annul by force the marriage of Sigismund Augustus with Barbara Radziwill.

The best poultry come from the Bresse, the district of Houdan (Seine-et-Oise), the district of Le Mans and Crveccuur (Calvados).

When the snow lay deepest no wanderer ventured near my house for a week or fortnight at a time, but there I lived as snug as a meadow mouse, or as cattle and poultry which are said to have survived for a long time buried in drifts, even without food; or like that early settler's family in the town of Sutton, in this State, whose cottage was completely covered by the great snow of 1717 when he was absent, and an Indian found it only by the hole which the chimney's breath made in the drift, and so relieved the family.

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Great attention is paid to poultry farming and beekeeping, and the exports from these sources are considerable.

Large numbers of horses, cattle, swine and poultry are reared.

Large numbers of geese and poultry are kept.

Madison is an important jobbing centre for central and south-western Wisconsin; it has an extensive trade in farm, garden and dairy products, poultry and tobacco; and there are various manufactures.

I thought the story about his job at the poultry farm was only a cover - some trumped up story to establish credence.

Cattle and poultry are the principal classes of live stock.

There are many goats but only a few sheep. In one district near Manila duck-raising is of considerable importance, but the principal branch of the poultry industry consists in the raising of game-cocks for cock-fighting, which is the national sport.