Sentence Examples with the word potentially

From this and other evidence it has been shown that the first thin shower in open vessels is produced by the accidental presence of tiny crystals obtained from the dust of the air, while the second dense shower marks the point of spontaneous crystallization, where the decrease in total available energy caused by solidification becomes greater than the increase due to the large surface of contact between the liquid and the potentially existing multitudinous small crystals of the shower.

They have potentially the highest macrophyte diversity of any lake type.

If our grouping of philosophies, as given above, is sound, every idealist scheme contains potentially an ontologi cal argument.

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Every Frenchman therefore is a member of the army practically or potentially from the age of twenty to the age of forty-five.

For moral progress consists in the actualization of what is already potentially in existence.

Wood potentially a table; primary, as an indeterminate something which is a substratum capable of becoming natural substances, of which it is always one; and it is primarily the matter of earth, water, air, fire, the four simple bodies (airxa 6w,uara) with natural rectilineal motions in the terrestrial world (De Gen.

This state would potentially become a haven for militants from Turkey who have staged a decades long guerrilla war for Kurdish autonomy.

Thus when, after the crowning victory of Rivoli (14th of January 1797), Mantua surrendered and the Austrian rule in Italy for the time collapsed, Bonaparte was virtually the idol of the French nation, the master of the Directory and potentially the protector of the Holy See.

And yet, despite her feelings, any relationship with him was potentially dangerous.

However, large or potentially contentious applications are decided by panels of councilors.