Sentence Examples with the word potato

Katie stared at the potato in her hand.

He was holding court with Fred O'Connor in the parlor, a plate of potato chips and a tuna salad sandwich on his ample lap.

When the tuber of a potato begins to germinate the shoots which it puts out derive their food from the accumulated store of nutritive material which has been laid up in the cells of the tuber.

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If a mass of living plant-tissue is cut, the first change observed is one of color: the white flesh of a potato or an apple turns biown as the air enters, and closer examination shows that cell walls and contents are alike affected.

Using instant potatoes she managed to make a passable potato salad and opened a can of baked beans.

Katie shrugged her shoulders and focused on cutting an eye from the potato in her hand.

In height the points are nipped off, in order to give the radishes fair play; and, although this may stop growth for a few days, still the potato crop is always excellent.

The significance of these facts from a cultural point of view is twofold: for, while a late variety is desirable for culture in Great Britain, as ensuring more or less immunity from spring frost, it is, on the other hand, undesirable, because late varieties are more liable to be attacked by the potato disease (Phytophihora infestans) which as a rule appears about the time when the earliest varieties are ready for lifting, but before the late varieties are matured.

It is possible that the hybridizing of the potato with one or other of the wild types of tuberous Solanums may give rise to a variety which shall be immune, though unfortunately most are themselves liable to the attacks of the fungus, and one of the few crosses so made between the common potato and Solanum Maglia has exhibited the same undesirable trait.

If this be so, it is a question whether the English and not the Spaniards are not entitled to the credit of the first introduction; but, according to Sir Joseph Banks, the plant brought by Drake and Hawkins was not the common English potato but the sweet potato.