Sentence Examples with the word potassium cyanide

It may be noticed that the potassium zinc cyanide is useless in gold extraction, for it neither dissolves gold nor can potassium cyanide be regenerated from it.

When heated with alcoholic potassium cyanide they are converted into benzoins.

Chem., 18 57, 71, p. 2 79) fuses the commercial selenium with potassium cyanide in a stream of hydrogen, takes up the melt in water and passes air through the solution; the precipitated tellurium is filtered off, and the solution then supersaturated with hydrochloric acid, when selenium is gradually deposited.

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Dissolving the gold in potassium cyanide solution, and then precipitating the metal; 5.

The remedy is to spray with kerosene emulsion or whale-oil soap; or if on cucumbers or tomatoes, it is best to fumigate with hydrocyanic acid gas, using one ounce of potassium cyanide to each woo cubic ft.

The half nitrile of malonic acid is cyanacetic acid, CN CH 2 COOH, which, in the form of its ester, may be obtained by the action of a solution of potassium cyanide on monochloracetic acid.

Lead cyanide, Pb(NC) 2, however, does not form such a salt, and is insoluble in potassium cyanide solution.

The double cyanides formed by the solution of the cyanide of a heavy metal in a solution of potassium cyanide are decomposed by mineral acids with liberation of hydrocyanic acid and formation of the cyanide of the heavy metal.

P. 299), or by the addition of a concentrated solution of potassium cyanide to one of copper sulphate, the mixed solutions being then heated.

The latter method has been modified by adding potassium cyanide in slight excess to the solution of the mixed salts, heating for some time and then adding mercuric oxide and water, the whole being then warmed on the water bath, when a precipitate of mercuric oxide and nickel hydroxide is obtained 666, 670).