Sentence Examples with the word postexilic

With this Driver provisionally agrees, whilst Nowack thinks no more can be said than that (I) belongs to the Greek and (2) - (4) to the postexilic period in general.

Li., a prophecy (as most now agree) of postexilic origin.

The view of Professor Dillmann, who placed P before D in the regal period (though he admitted exilic and postexilic additions in Exod., Levit.

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The antiquity of certain principles and details is undeniable - as also in the Talmud - but since one must start from the organic connexions of the composite sources, the problems necessitate proper attention to the relation between the stages in the literary growth (working backwards) and the vicissitudes which culminate in the postexilic age.

Bennett, Postexilic Prophets (T.