Sentence Examples with the word posted

The details are just now being posted but the murder occurred so long ago, I think it's outside your window.

They aren't supposed to be hunting on private land without permission, and ours is posted anyway.

Our right flank was posted on a rather steep incline which dominated the French position.

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The artillery was posted on the Dunbar side of the burn, directly opposite and north of Doon, the infantry and cavalry crossed where they could, and formed up gradually in a line south of and roughly parallel to the Berwick road, the extreme left of horse and foot, acting as a reserve, crossed at Brocksmouth House on the outer flank.

On the 20th the Russian army, strongly posted on the banks of the Alma, was completely defeated, and it is almost certain that, if the victory had been at once followed up, Sevastopol would have fallen.

Against the attendant abuses the Augustinian monk Martin Luther posted (31st October 1517) on the church door at Wittenberg his famous ninety-five theses, which were the signal for widespread revolt against the church.

The readjusted American line was composed of the divisions of Lafayette, Greene, Alexander and Patterson, while Wayne's brigade, which had been in Lee's advance from the first, was posted in a favourable position.

The Irish numbering 25,000, and strongly posted behind marshy ground, at first maintained a vigorous resistance; but Ginkel having penetrated their line of defence, and their general being struck down by a cannon ball at this critical moment, they were at length overcome and routed with terrible slaughter.

Two posted guard outside while two more rigged the repaired door to open and close.

It was probably abhorrence of such measures that converted Thomas Reynolds from a conspirator to an informer; at all events, by him and several others the authorities were kept posted in what was going on, though lack of evidence producible in court delayed the arrest of the ringleaders.