Sentence Examples with the word possibly

We have the Saint Vitus' dance, and cannot possibly keep our heads still.

And possibly elsewhere) as if familiar to his hearers, and indeed its literary affinities generally, all point to Alexandria as the original home of the homily, at a date about 120-140 (see Zeit.

Barcaniare, to traffic, possibly derived from barca, a barge..

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A triumphal arch at Vesontio (Besancon), which in return for this service was made a colony, possibly commemorates this victory.

One is a red granite intruded subsequently to the Waterberg sandstones; another is a grey variety considered to be older than the Black Reef series and possibly older than the Witwatersrand series.

Yet it cannot be too constantly urged that such filtration depends for its comparative perfection upon the surface film; that this surface film is not present when the filter is new, or when its materials have been recently washed; that it may be, and very often is, punctured by the actual working of the filters, or for the purpose of increasing their discharge; and that at the best it must be regarded as an exceedingly thin line of defence, not to be depended upon as a safeguard against highly polluted waters, if a purer source of supply can possibly be found.

Bee-appliance manufacturers are not eligible for membership of its council, nor are those who make bee-keeping their main business; thus no professional jealousies can possibly arise.

I steeled myself to hide the fear that welled up inside me like the worse cramps I could possibly endure.

Prefrontal bones are absent; post-frontals are possibly indicated by a frequently occurring separate centre of ossification in the postorbital process, to which the frontals always contribute.

Of the ballads themselves, Robin Hood and the Monk is possibly as old as the reign of Edward II.