Sentence Examples with the word possessive

He met her gaze, and her body bloomed with warmth in response to the possessive gaze that swept over her from head to foot before his eyes settled on the demon.

Josh was possessive - he always had been.

His arm draped across her shoulder in a tender but possessive way.

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She yielded, fitting against him in a way that made him more possessive of her petite frame and fiery spirit.

He pulled her into his lap, his possessive touch and warmth soothing her.

My webpage does not cover the topic of possessive plural nouns.

He grew more controlling as the days progressed, more possessive and erratic.

Thus, in Fijian the word luve means either a son or a daughter - one s own child, and it takes the possessive pronoun suffixed, as luvena; but the word ngone, a child, but not necessarily one's own child, takes the possessive pronoun before it, as nona ngone, his child, i.e.

Personal pronouns: i (dii), yos (illos); possessive pronouns: mi, pl.