Sentence Examples with the word positive

It had a very positive impact that created great camaraderie among the team.

There was a positive aspect to the situation, though.

Charged with positive electricity on its inner coating and the other with negative, and let both have their outsides connected to earth.

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But the positive characteristics of the region as a whole are not its peculiar forms alone; there are at least four families which, being feebly represented elsewhere, here attain the maximum of development.

When the furnace with this well-known regulating device was to be used, say, for the melting of metals or other conductors of electricity, the fragments of metal were placed in the crucible and the positive electrode was brought near them.

Since they are essentially positive the quadric is an ellipsoid; it is called the momental ellipsoid at 0.

Thus for a dot, first a negative and then a positive current is sent to the line, the effect of the current continuing during the time required for the paper to travel the space between two holes.

The development of the theory of equations leads to the amplification of real numbers, rational and irrational, positive and negative, by imaginary and complex numbers.

In both countries the tendency towards positive science and progress by objective investigation was too marked for any theoretical system to have more than a passing influence.

There is no positive evidence that the influence of new climatal conditions on the parents has any tendency to produce variations in the offspring better adapted to such conditions.