Sentence Examples with the word posing

These they display before her, posing and performing extraordinary antics in her presence exactly as cock birds behave towards their hens.

It'd be hard to spot the shape-shifter demon posing as Logan with his face shredded.

Abd-ul-Hamid had always resisted the pressure of the European Powers to the last moment, in order to seem to yield only to overwhelming force, while posing as the champion of Islam against aggressive Christendom.

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The autocrat felt cramped and chafed on all sides by the necessity of posing as a constitutional sovereign; and, while losing something of the old rigidity, he lost very much of the old energy, both in thought and action.

While posing as the messiah of the poor, Lassalle was a man of decidedly fashionable and luxurious habits.

Wild shrewdly realized that it was safer, and in most cases more profitable, to dispose of such property by returning it to its legitimate owners than to sell it, with the attendant risks, in the open market, and he thus built up an immense business, posing as a recoverer of stolen goods, the thieves receiving a commission on the price paid for recovery.

I'm Toni, the sexy brunette posing outside the door said.

Lana was quiet, wondering if she should know this, since she was posing as a non-fed.