Sentence Examples with the word portsmouth

The first settlements were made at Providence by Roger Williams in June 1636, and at Portsmouth on the island of Aquidneck by the Antinomians, William Coddington (1601-1678), John Clarke (1609-1676), and Anne Hutchinson (191-1643), in March - April 1638.

The titles of Baroness Petersfield, countess of Fareham and duchess of Portsmouth were granted her for life on the 19th of August 1673.

EDWARD MIALL (1809-1881), English Nonconformist divine and journalist, was born at Portsmouth on the 8th of May 1809.

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Of Fareham, on Portsmouth harbour, are the interesting ruins of Porchester Castle, an extensive walled enclosure retaining its Norman keep, and exhibiting in its outer walls considerable evidence of Roman workmanship; Professor Haverfield, however, denies that it occupies the site of the Roman Portus Magnus.

The Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line encircles the two cities, and connects the various trunk lines.

It lies at the head of a creek opening into the northwestern corner of Portsmouth harbour.

A United States navy yard, officially known as the Portsmouth Navy Yard, is on an island of the Piscataqua but within the township of Kittery, Maine.

In December 1 774 a copy of the order prohibiting the exportation of military stores to America was brought from Boston to Portsmouth by Paul Revere, whereupon the Portsmouth Committee of Safety organized militia companies, and captured the fort (Dec. 14).

Among the manuscripts in the possession of the earl of Portsmouth there are many sheets in Sir Isaac's hand of Flamsteed's Explication of Hieroglyphic Figures, and in another hand many sheets of William Yworth's Processus Mysterii Magni Philosophicus.

The Portsmouth Road from the south-west is well marked as far as Lambeth, under the names of Wandsworth, High Street, St John's Hill, Lavender Hill and Wandsworth Road.