Sentence Examples with the word porte

Alexander made no objection provided that the Porte would submit all outstanding claims to arbitration.

But the aggressive policy of Russia in the direction of the Caspian and Black Seas became more and more evident; complaints reached the Porte of a violation of the neutrality of Kabardia, of a seditious propaganda in Moldavia by Russian monks, and of Russian aid given to the malcontents in Servia and Montenegro.

Already, by the peace of Passarowitz Pozharevats in 1718, the banat of Craiova had been ceded to the emperor, though by the peace of Belgrade in 1739 it was recovered by the Porte for its Walachian vassal.

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The British ambassador sought by every means in his power to induce Turkey to give way to Russia, going so far as to guarantee the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Moldo-Walachia if the Porte remained at peace, and threatening that if Turkey persisted in her opposition England would join with Russia against her.

The refusal of the Porte to refund considerable sums which had been illegally diverted from the Cretan treasury or even to sanction a loan to meet immediate requirements caused no little exasperation in the island, which was increased by the recall of Karatheodory (March 1895).

It was the interest of the Porte to change the princes as often as possible, as the accession donation thus became due more frequently.

Their opportunity came in 1820, when the Porte was striving to repress the insurrections in Moldavia, Albania and Greece.

The system favoured Turkish extortion in two ways: the presence of the voivode's family connexions at Stambul gave the Porte so many hostages for his obedience; on the other hand the princes themselves could not rely on any support due to family influence in Moldavia itself.

The first chief dragoman of the Porte was Panayot Nikousia, who held his office from 1665 to 1673.

The emperor, on the other hand, was freed from the humiliating annual tribute to the Porte on payment of a war indemnity of X400,000.