Sentence Examples with the word portable

They are small portable braziers (foculi) of bronze or sometimes of silver and of highly ornate design.

Others have regarded it as an empty portable throne, 2 or as a receptacle for sacred serpents (analogies in Frazer, Pausanias, iv.

Crosses appear on the portable altar buried with St Cuthbert (A.D.

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In height, with strong reflected lights at the top. The city also owns two portable asphalt plants, and thus makes a saving in the cost of street repairing and resurfacing.

The two forms of the planispheric astrolabe most widely known and used in the 15th, 16th and even 17th centuries were: (I) the portable astrolabe shown in fig.

In 1890, at Plymouth, competitions took place of light portable engines (a) using solid fuel, (b) using liquid or gaseous fuel, grist mills for use on a farm, disintegrators, and cider-making plant for use on a farm.

When the goods to be weighed are very heavy, portable weigh - bridges or platform machines are inapplicable and it is necessary to erect the weighbridge on a solid foundation.

She padded towards her desk, where the Undersecretary of Domestic Security's electronic records were maintained within a secured, portable vault the size of her hand.

Obviously, nearly every kind of crane can be made portable by mounting it on a carriage, fitted with wheels; it is even not unusual to make the Portable Scottish derrick portable by using three trucks, one under the mast, and the others under the two back legs.

The invention of the portable electrometer and the water-dropping electrograph by Lord Kelvin in the middle of the 19th century, and the greater definiteness thus introduced into observational results, were notable events.