Sentence Examples with the word population

Owing to its milder climate and its larger number of cities New Jersey has a negro population somewhat larger than that of the states of the same latitude farther west.

In 1901 the population of the two remaining feudatory states was 125,281, Raigarh having 86,543 and Sarangarh 38,738.

Its sanitary condition, though still defective, was improved by the drainage of the adjacent Almajar Marsh; and after 1870, when the population had dwindled to about 26,000, Cartagena advanced rapidly in size and wealth.

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Following the increase of population north of the Columbia, the territory was divided, and Washington Territory was established on the 2nd of March 1853, with the river as the southern boundary to the point where it is intersected by the forty-sixth parallel, and thence along that parallel to the summit of the Rocky Mountains, thereby including portions of the present states of Idaho and Montana.

The remainder of the population - all Mahommedans - are Moors, Arabs, Berbers, Negroes, with a few Turks.

With the exception of local disturbances of old standing at Muscat, and at Bushire (where they were fomented by German gold), the Arab and Persian population of both shores maintained a friendly attitude to Great Britain throughout the war, although British gunboats were seldom, if ever, seen at that time in waters which in peace they had regularly patrolled.

M., and has a population of 1,042,668 according to the census of 1908 (in 1900 it was 915,647).

The rate taken upon the total population was 16.7 per mille in1870-1871and 15.3 in 1905; by excluding the population under fifteen the corresponding figures are 57.2 and 46.6 per mille.

Consequently it was needful to secure his favour, and in order to gain this, gifts were made to him by the local resident population who depended on the produce of the land (see Baal, especially ad init.).

A starved and decimated population stood face to face with difficulties, not only on every frontier but indeed to some extent within the borders of the State itself.